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You wanna know what the last month has consisted of for me?

-Credit card # stolen. Twice.
-A small ribbing at my MIL has triggered a fit that started as a full on attack and now that my husband finally put his foot down on her narcissistic behavior and drama queenery, has turned into this “OMG what did I do wrong?!” pity-seeking act which she would know the answer to if she actually listened to us…
-Got jerked all over by HR in starting my new job
-Car troubles. This includes fallout from the accident up north, a tire failure in both my car and the truck, and Geico being stupid.
-Money troubles from said car troubles
-I’m struggling, to say the least, at my new job. Not only am I floundering in my assigned tasks, but I’m the office freak for being perfectly okay with curling up with a book on my breaks rather than going to walk around the parking lot. Oh, and somehow they mistook first day nerves for a poor sheltered white girl seeing black people for the first time (WTF?!)
-And now my phone is dying. Two months out from the contract renewal date.
-Etsy sales are down too, as that final little kick…

This new job is awesome, but only pays so much. Everything fucking hit the fan at once. Good god I wanted to save a little money first at least. Pay off the credit cards and all…

Another time, Jack took a call. A voice on the other end said, ‘There are three of us down here in the lobby. We want to see the guy who does this disgusting comic book and show him what real Nazis would do to his Captain America’. To the horror of others in the office, Kirby rolled up his sleeves and headed downstairs. The callers, however, were gone by the time he arrived.

Mark Evanier, Kirby: King of Comics (via nerdhapley)

It’s Jack Kirby’s birthday, so here’s that story of him being bad ass all of the time.

(via nerdhapley)

True fact: during WWII Kirby was assigned as a scout due to his art skills, meaning that he went in alone and unarmed, ahead of Allied attacks so that he could draw enemy fortifications.

Once he was ambushed by three Nazi soldiers, all of them with guns. He killed all three with a knife he stole from one of them.

Dude was verifiably grade-A stone-cold badass.

(via froborr)

And that’s why Jack Kirby was the King.

(via atopfourthwall)




Under scrutiny from people asking her to show pictures of the supposed ‘sexual harassment’ Anita received, she responds with this. This is clearly a fake. 

  • The last tweet is listed as 12 seconds ago
  • She is not logged in
  • These tweets and the account are now deleted dispute how quickly she seemed to know this guy was posting
  • Default profile picture
  • What kind of person harasses somebody like that under their real name? You would have to be really dumb to do that. 
  • She didn’t call the police or even remotley open in investigation dispite this person ‘supposedly’ knowing her parents address.

This is absolutly inexcusable, and needs to be talked about. 

i think it’s also important to note that she posted this immediately after asking for donations. not shady at all.

No, here’s what’s important.

  1. Anita had to believe her own feminist fan base was dumb as fuck.
  2. And she had to be right.

Once you grasp those two things all of this suddenly feels much much more frightening.




Anita: “Do you know what’s the worst?  When that out of context scene I need to cherrypick to push an intellectually dishonest narrative because it serves my best interests ends up on the cutting room floor anyway!”

She’s trying to imply she even plays games and doesn’t just steal footage from other Youtubers.


-Plastic Man

i thought she might be trying to excuse using other’s footage









This is probably the last comic I’m going to make about sexism in GotG, although I still have plenty of other things to poke fun at. (Also, I forgot what Nova Prime wears in the movie and I only found a few pictures of her so I could be wrong…)

Did you even watch the movie you newt?

Gamora proved time and time again that she’s an incredibly capable fighter. I don’t see where you saw that she had to get saved because she was an incompetent fighter. In fact the only two times she really “lost” was when she was electrocuted and when her ship exploded. And also Drax but do you really think it’s that much of an injustice that a massive rage machine of an alien would over power her? That’s like being pissed off that black widow didn’t take down the hulk.

And seriously. Nova Prime? You’re gonna make her seem like the victim of the patriarchy when she runs her own planet because her army was incapable of taking down Ronan before the Guardians did? Do you know how politics works? She went to the Knee government with whom she had a peace treaty with and said “so your dude is killing my people can you stop that?” And they said “nah that’s your problem” then literally DAYS later Ronan is on her front steps moments away from obliterating her planet. She had no warning prior to this minus one single message that was delivered to a lower officer hours before the attack. The ONLY people who were capable of even doing anything helpful were the Guardians and the pirates. And did you see what Ronan did to the fleet that Nova Prime sent? After initially delaying him he just blew right past them because he had a magical planet destroying stone.

Stop making a fucking superhero movie into some feminist fuel you fucking nuisance of a human.

This illustration makes me cringe

Not to mention the fact the you had female characters run to a male character so that the male character can destroy the patriarchy.

Feminists are really good at taking strong female characters and making them seem weak and helpless because they have ~flaws~

Not to mention Groot is neither male nor female….

Meh… In the movie rocket calls groot a “he” I think. So that stuck.

Rocket also implied that Groot has no concept of gender. But who knows

is that supposed to be nebula

what is she doing there. what is this comic.

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